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Research in the department focuses on the physiology of insect olfaction, particularly on the molecular and cellular processes underlying the reception, discrimination, and coding of olfactory signals. In context of olfaction, we are also interested in the pheromones that serve for chemical communication in reproductive behavior and that are perfectly attuned to the detector systems. Alongside our major theme olfaction, research projects address some specific aspects of reproductive physiology in insects.

more Details on Insect Olfaction

Insect Olfaction

Insects possess highly specialized olfactory systems to detect relevant chemical signals with exquisite sensitivity and selectivity ...

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more Details on Pheromones in Insects

Insect Pheromones

Pheromones are utilized for intraspecific communication in many aspects of insect life ...

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more Details to the Reproduction of Insects

Insect Reproduction

Reproduction is the central task of life also in insects. All physiological resources serve in final consequence to produce as much as possible fecund offspring ...

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